Les Balcons Service Spa

You love the mountains and wide spaces ? You love nature and enjoy its benefits ? Yes, but a bit of comfort never hurt anyone. Even if it’s nice to get close to nature, it’s also realy nice to take care of yourself a bit.

Take a moment to relax, forget all your trouble and unwind, moraly and physicaly. So where can you go to give yourself those kind of out of time moments ? At the spa of course ! Take a time to relax, splash around, get a massage. All the things that bring us well-being, of your mind and your body. The kind of well being that allow you to get off on the right foot. Our spas are welcoming you for your relaxing moments and your want of cocooning. Who never appreciated a good massage or a moment of wellness in a spa ?

Come and relax in one of our spas with their wooden and stone atmospere. The heated pools, saunas, hammams will insure you great hours resting and just taking time for yourself. Let yourself get tempted by a massage, a scrub or a face treatment to finish the relaxing and start the day perfectly. The treatments you will find inside our spas are all signed by the Thalgo brand and will take you into a sensitive journey in the oceans where Thalgo is drawing its ressources.