Les Balcons Skishop service

Everything is planned for your winter holidays and you just have to get sorted the skiing materiel matter ? You have booked your holidays with Les Balcons and already know that everything will be around your during your stay ? Well, a good new never come alone. In a matter of ski renting, it’s the same ! With our skishops, already on the spot of the residences, you don’t have to stress you out to get yourself your skiing material. Drop your stuff in your apartment or your suite and have a visit in one of our shops to get the skiing material you booked with your Les Balcons reservation !

You’d rather have a look in the store before renting anything ? No problem ! Our skishops are open 7/7 to allow you to pick your skiing equipment whenever you want ! If you want to enjoy the slopes as soon as you arrive, you can. If you want to take your time and live things slow, you can as well ! All solutions exists for all kind of needs ! Discover all the specifics in our shops and our discount that will make your holidays even better ! Ski lovers, snowboard lovers and all kind of ride will find what they want in our skishops ! Come have a look at our special offers